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A most intriguing article here demands further investigation. And I must just add that *I* used to live in Didsbury, too. Well, okay, I must confess that it was not the same Didsbury. Mine was the tiny village in Alberta just north of Calgary, named, one assumes, after the original one referenced here.

Howard Spring – never heard of him until this happy impulse buy of The Houses in Between ( 1951) – I picked it up and put it down a few times while in the bookshop and then decided to go with it. It cost me a lordly two dollars. (Same as a cheapo lottery ticket, and with more chances of winning!)

So far a definite winner. I’m on page 221 of 568 and I have started rationing my reading because I want to spin it out slowly. Luckily life is frantically busy right now so it’s not too hard to put it down as more urgent things call, so it might even last me a few more happy days.

It’s the fictional autobiography of a 99-year-old woman, and is set in Victorian London (the narrator’s first memory is of a visit to the newly opened Crystal Palace) and then at a drawn-from-life Cornish estate. And it is really, really good.

So I feel like I should have heard of Howard Spring before. Am I the only one out of the loop? Or are all of you chuckling at my obliviousness regarding his novels? Is he wonderfully well known in Great Britain, and am I living in Colonial Oblivion regarding his stuff?

According to Wikipedia, Howard Spring was Welsh, and worked as a journalist while also writing a series of increasingly successful novels. All of which, now that I’ve had a taste of his quite engaging style in The Houses, sound terribly intriguing.

That’s all for now! Hoping to be back soon with some bookish posts, once the smoke clears, both literally and figuratively.

Chokingly smoky in the valley this morning from our personal just-around-the-bend forest fire. Like standing in the wrong spot next to a partially smothered bonfire. Lots of ash in the air, too – was painting outside yesterday afternoon and this morning my shelves and cupboard doors which I left out on sawhorses are dusted liberally with bits of charred fir needles carried on the wind from several miles away.

Luckily the paint had already dried fast – no harm done. 🙂



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