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Looking ahead to the coming year.

Several weeks have raced past since my last post, and it’s not for lack of fantastic reading that I haven’t been posting.

Just life stuff. Busy, busy, busy.

What an off-kilter year this has been; I lost my balance somewhere in there, and haven’t quite centered myself yet. Me and how many others? A lot of us seem to be struggling emotionally and physically this year, sometimes with quietly resigned fortitude, sometimes with various degrees of desperation. It swings back and forth!


No picture of a Christmas tree, because it’s still very much out there somewhere on our hillside, but this post needs something, so here instead is a random snapshot of one of our ever-amusing, much beloved, barn/greenhouse cats, adorned with just a dash of seasonable snow.

I do believe I shall just reboot this whole blog year and start all afresh in January, with <drumroll> another wonderful, challenging, Century of Books project. I did this a few years ago – can it have been in 2014? – doesn’t seem like that long ago – and it was great fun.

I decided to do this in 2017 some months ago, and have been collecting likely prospects and stacking them up in neat piles on a “do not touch” bookshelf, which of course means that my housemates have been wildly pillaging my literary dragon’s trove. Mostly they put things back, though sometimes sans spine sticker with the pertinent year marked on it. It’s all good, because I have a master list. As long as the computer doesn’t crash, I’m smiling. (Okay, I’ll be backing things up tonight, now that I’ve tempted the cyber gods with that teaser.)

In any event, I have a glorious pile of things to read for January and beyond, and as a crucial part of the Century project involves writing a bit about everything one reads, posting should pick up a bit.

I fully intend to get back on here with a post or two before year’s end, but just in case I don’t, here is my heartfelt wish to all of you, friends and fellow readers near and far, for a peaceful and joyous holiday season, and an optimistic start to our coming new year.

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