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This popped up in my inbox this morning, and I felt it very worthy of sharing. Steve’s posts are always exceedingly readable, but this one was extra good. Take a look, fellow readers. Take a look.

Our book today is Shakespeare, which Anthony Burgess wrote one morning in 1970 after a 40-pint evening. The morning was raw and scratchy, one imagines, and our author, not at his best, needed some task to distract him before his four-course breakfast and pick-me-up whiskey was ready. The afternoon was already planned: a TV show appearance talking about Truffaut’s cinematic legacy. And the evening was locked up as well: dash off a treatise on pornography and then attend a Jonathan Cape literary soiree and get to work on the night’s 40 pints. But all that still left the pre-breakfast window open, and hence: Shakespeare.

The Burgess Shakespeare!


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Life is ridiculously full right now, and I haven’t been writing much, but there’s always time for reading. Let’s see what the clever people at Shiny New Books have found for us to peruse this time around…

Off you go, now! (Trust me – you’ll be happy you did.)

Image shamelessly stolen from SNB #4. What an interesting pile this looks...

Image shamelessly stolen from SNB #4. Some novels to tempt you, perhaps?


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SNB-logo-small-e1393871908245Shiny New Books

Issue #3 is up!

As Autumn rolls in and the days shorten, what better than to use the longer dark time for a little more reading?

Once you’ve browsed through the wonderfully eclectic array of recent releases highlighted in SNB#3 – sorted neatly into Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Reprints (quite predictably my favourite!) – click over to the BookBuzz page for author interviews, profiles, and a wide array of original and pertinent-to-this-issue bookish articles.

Good Stuff.

Leaves and Pages has even contributed two reviews – see if you can find them.

Big hint: think gardens. 🙂

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