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Wild Mullein, Verbascum thapsus. Soda Creek, B.C. July 11, 2014.

A Flower of Mullein


I am too near, too clear a thing for you,

A flower of mullein in a crack of wall,

The villagers half see, or not at all;

Part of the weather, like the wind or dew.

You love to pluck the different, and find

Stuff for your joy in cloudy loveliness;

You love to fumble at a door, and guess

At some strange happening that may wait behind.


Yet life is full of tricks, and it is plain,

That men drift back to some worn field or roof,

To grip at comfort in a room, a stair;

To warm themselves at some flower down a lane:

You, too, may long, grown tired of the aloof,

For the sweet surety of the common air.


Lizette Woodworth Reese ~ Selected Poems, 1926

Verbascum thapsiforme. Macalister, B.C. July 14, 2014.

Verbascum thapsiforme. Hill Farm, Macalister, B.C. July 14, 2014.


Moth Mullein, Verbascum blattaria albiflorum. Hill Farm, Macalister, B.C. July 14, 2014.

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