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Well that was a rather full ten days or so. “Busy” is an understatement. No matter, it’s all been positive stuff, but I am more than ready for a bit of down time today.

I came back from my trip to the lower mainland with an embarrassingly large load of books. Premium hunting grounds were Chilliwack’s The Book Man  and Hope’s Pages . Gloriously eclectic selections; wonderfully friendly and helpful staff. A true pleasure to visit both of these! And the nurseries we stopped at were pretty marvelous, too. I restrained myself there, I’m proud to announce! Only three plants were acquired, among the dozens I coveted.

Without further ado, here’s a list of some of my literary finds, in no particular order:

  • Morley, Christopher – Where the Blue Begins (Because I’m curious about Morley’s work aside from The Haunted Bookshop and Parnassus on Wheels.)
  • Bloom, Ursula – The Quiet Village
  • Taylor, Elizabeth – At Mrs. Lippincote’s (Just finished it this morning. Very good.)
  • Dickens, Monica – Enchantment (Read this in the hotel room one night. One of Dickens’ last novels. Awkward here and there, but definitely readable; reminded me strongly of The Listeners.)
  • Dickens, Monica – The Landlord’s Daughter (And I do believe this almost completes my Monica Dickens adult fiction collection.)
  • Dickens, Monica – The Room Upstairs (A 2nd copy for me, but this one an early hardcover in a nice dj, to replace the tattered paperback I already own.)
  • Dickens, Monica – Flowers on the Grass (Another 2nd copy, but I couldn’t resist the handsome though worn dj. My 1st copy is jacket-less, bent, and more than well-read.)
  • Burnett, Frances Hodgson – T. Tembarom
  • Innes, Dorothy Hammond – What Lands are These? (Because I read and loved her husband’s Harvest of Journeys many years ago; this is something of a companion memoir.)
  • Innes, Hammond – The Land God Gave to Cain
  • Stegner, Wallace – Wolf Willow (Because I was deeply moved by a recent reading of All the Little Live Things, and want to explore this most intriguing author.)
  • Stevenson, D.E. – The House of the Deer
  • Stevenson, D.E. – The Young Clementina (Let’s just say the prices of these last two averaged each other out. 🙂 Darling spouse, if you’re reading this, please don’t inquire!)
  • de la Roche, Mazo – Ringing the Changes (Just because. One for the Canadiana crowd, and because the open-it-up-and-read-a-page test was highly successful.)
  • Powning, Beth – The Hatbox Letters (I vaguely recall this one getting some discussion, though I can’t remember if it was pro or con. I thought perhaps I should add some contemporary fiction to the stack of vintage novels.)
  • Holborn, Hannah – Fierce (Contemporary Canadian.)
  • Hodge, Jane Aiken. The Private World of Georgette Heyer
  • Cran, Marion – The Bedside Marion Cran (It was in the gardening section, looked interesting, and read well when sampled. I have no idea who Marion Cran is/was; one to explore, perhaps.)
  • Young, Andrew – A Prospect of Flowers (A much annotated book about wildflowers, first published in 1945. One for the working bookshelf, and of course for the pleasure of reading it.)
  • Bowen, Elizabeth – The Little Girls
  • Graves, Robert – Antigua, Penny, Puce (Opened it up, read a few pages, and had a hard time tearing myself away. A novel written in 1936, which I’ve never heard of before, though I’m familiar with Graves through his iconic Claudius novels.)
  • Mansfield, Katherine – In a German Pension
  • Macaulay, Rose – Crewe Train
  • Patterson, R.M. – Trail to the Interior (In a pristine first edition, a peace-offering to my long-suffering, book-inundated spouse, who enjoys Patterson and does not yet have this one.)
  • Treneer, Anne – Schoolhouse in the Wind (Found this in the back room of Pages bookstore in Hope, among the “collectibles.” Memoir of Cornwall, published in 1944.)
  • Powell, Anthony – Casanova’s Chinese Restaurant (Who could resist that title? A two-dollar paperback, so hardly an expensive gamble!)
  • Corbett, Elizabeth – A Nice Long Evening
  • Hoban, Russell – Turtle Diary
  • Eden, Dorothy – Waiting for Willa
  • Oppenheim, E. Phillips – Ask Miss Mott (To add to my prized though seldom-read collection of vintage Oppenheim thrillers. I think “dated” describes these well, but I have my weaknesses…)
  • Bromfield, Louis – Mrs. Parkington
  • Leith-Ross, Sylvia – Beyond the Niger
  • Sharp, Margery – Brittania Mews (Something like a 4th copy – I’m not really sensible when it comes to my beloved Margery Sharp – but this one has a handsome dust jacket. “I’m not really a collector, because I read everything I buy,” I said to the owner at Pages. “You’re buying a book for the dust jacket,” he replied. “Face it, you’re a collector!”)

So, a few evenings of reading!

Did I find any prizes? Anything here you’ve read and loved? Or perhaps despised?

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